Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Finally posting the ride from Saturday. My longest yet and I am a little proud about it!

From south Kaysville up north and west to Antelope Island, the 60.2 mile loop took 3:24'20. Fixed gear, no brakes, no glasses, no jersey, boy scout shorts, and one drink of water. Hooray for bicycles!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hanging it up

As Logan Clifford so greatly expressed last night, there are several types of people who ride bikes. They include wide varieties of commuters, road racers and trainers, "young guns", fixed gear grown-ups with graphic design jobs, those who have to, and so on. Now, though I whole-heartedly agree with the iffy-ness of some riders, but I really do believe that more people are out on bikes of all kinds because it's fun, it's cheap, it's quiet, and it's very empowering. Now, this may sound like just another bike blog or a cycling-related post (which it is), but I hope to express that I love seeing three and four times more people on their bikes now than I did a year ago. I hope the trend is not. I hope it stays. I really do.

I found this comic from Jim Borgman on UrbanVelo.org and I thought I'd share.