Tuesday, March 20, 2007

oh wow.

i know, i know. two posts within fifteen minutes of each other. it is quite a feat, and should be remembered as such. well, drafting is boring, and they don't give us computers for nothing, right? so. here you go. i felt like getting the word on flickr (mine in particular) out into the blogosphere. so. here you go everyone. enjoy the pictures and if you have a flickr account, add me as a friend! i would love to see your photos as well.

ira glass comes to the small screen

hello everyone!

umm, not much of a post but...i would still like to ask anyone out there in the blogosphere if they have Tivo or anyway to record this, to let me know. please, oh please!

let me know if you have anything. adios y gracias!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

top 10 albums - part 1

ok! blog time.
top 10 albums to be exact.

i won't say "of all time" because i haven't listened to every album from the 14th century, nor do i claim to know of every band to ever release an album.

so! here it goes (in no particular order, of course):

The Shins - Oh, Inverted World (2001)
This album was my first introduction to The Shins and is simply a well written, amazingly produced album that shows what The Shins are truly made of and, by the way, was their first major label debut. Oh, Inverted World brought the band wide, critical acclaim and two of its track were selected for the film Garden State.

Selected Tracks: Know Your Onion, New Slang, The Past and Pending

Broken Social Scene - Self-Titled (2005)
Every song on BSS's most recent release is fantastic, combining the basic guitar/bass/drums ensemble with a barage of horns sections, acoustics, keys, and of course, at least an onslaught of four guitar(ist)s feeding off each other to make this album that much better, song after song. Broken Social Scene showcases the musical talents of a Miss Leslie Feist, and Emily Haines of fellow Canadian group, Metric.
Selected Tracks: 7/4 (Shoreline), Major Label Debut, Swimmers

The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
Much more than just the infamous album artwork. This compilation of all of the musical stylings and genres The Beatles utilized in their seven year tenure. With changes in vocals between all four members of the band in at least one of the 17 tracks that make up Abbey Road, this release
spotlights each of the members' abilities and styles. And still ranking in the Top 100 Best-Selling Albums as of today, this timeless classic will continue to influence many more generations than it already has.
Selected Tracks: Something, Here Comes The Sun, Golden Slumbers

The Postal Service - Give Up (2003)
An amazing album, which was the segway into my discovery of contemporary indie music. Members Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and James Tamborello (Dntel, James Figurine) created this record from different ends of the west coast. With James recording loops and fills in Los Angeles, and then sending them to Ben to record vocals and fine tune the melodies in Seattle, the two agreed on the name The Postal Service as was their means of musical communication. This album blends familiar DCFC melodies with a techno-ish mix of sounds and keys, Give Up is the quinessential indie/pop/experimental album.
Selected Tracks: Such Great Heights, We Will Become Silhouettes, Brand New Colony

Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (2005)
Bright Eyes, the brainchild of Connor Oberst, is a folk ensemble based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Writing such intimate, yet haunting songs, Oberst pairs with folk legend Emmylou Harris on four of the tracks of I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, and pairs his country rock influences with the wonderful harmonies of Harris, to create articulate, witty, yet ultra-personal ballads that allow the listener to venture inside his troubled mind, and experience what he has, but through a beautiful, well-executed album that sucks us in and won't let go, even until the end as Road of Joy indicates that Oberst may have his head screwed on right after all.
Selected Tracks: Lua, First Day of My Life, Road To Joy

Part 2 coming tomorrow.....or sometime in the near, near future.